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How To Overcome Acne Natural Stone

Acne is a skin health problems most disturbing everyone. but can cause inflammation, acne can certainly make people insecure. In general, there are several types of acne, one of which is cystic acne. When compared with other acne, cystic acne really has all to overcome. But not to worry, here is how to cope with cystic acne naturally that you can try.

Papaya leaf

The first is to use papaya leaves, but can serve delicious food papaya also useful for overcoming cystic acne. The trick, take 2 pieces of old papaya leaves, then dry in the sun to dry. If it is dry you can grind and add a little water. Apply the mixture on the face. let stand 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


The second is by using tomato. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and B1. In addition it can be used to maintain a healthy body, tomatoes are also a natural material that is able to overcome acne. way, cut the tomatoes into pieces. Then put on the face contained cystic acne.


Not only can tighten the face naturally. egg whites can also be overcome cystic acne. The trick, apply egg white on the face until blended. let stand a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Those are some ways to overcome cystic acne naturally.

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