Rabu, 07 Oktober 2015

Tips Using Drone on Vacation

Documenting the various places of interest during the holidays is common. Especially now that many smartphone cameras with the best quality cameras. But with a growing age many consider the use of the smartphone's camera only produce an image that's it, and boring.

When this started emerging drone technology that can take pictures from a narrow angle and difficult to reach. This is a very useful technology advances. Drone capable of taking pictures and taking photos from a height, and the image dihasilkanpun has its own beauty session. But before you buy drones, there are some tips to keep in mind.

The first thing to note when using drones is a GPS lock. This is useful when the drone lost its way it will be able to return to their original places. In addition, you are also advised to use a camera X-More, because kuaitasnya together with DSLR.

Next is a safety procedure. Many drone novice users do not pay attention to this. Diperhatikana thing you need is to check the battery, including remote battery. Users also need to know dungsi drones from the drone. One kaparah if a user take a picture setingi-in height. Whereas the role of drones is to take a picture at a difficult angel, as among the cliffs, tall buildings, and so on.

And the last is do not ever take a picture at the top of the crater. The crater has a strong Magne field sehiangga when drones are above it will cause the drone out of control and loss of direction.

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