Minggu, 20 September 2015

Sate Lightning Jogja, feels jarring

Yogyakarta city merupkan condensed Javanese culture. This makes the tourists feel at home while visiting Yogyakarta. In general, Yogyakarta is famous for foods that tend to be sweet, but in some places you will find a place to eat that serves food with a spicy flavor even super spicy.

One of the places with a super spicy dishes are Sate Lightning Mr. Nano. Simple food stalls located on the southern ring road presents satay with extra spicy flavor.

Mr. Nando satay actually almost the same with no general satay, which was burned on hot coals and served with soy sauce. But the difference is that a lot of sliced ​​chili. This course will provide up to super spicy peppery flavor.

What is interesting is in addition mixed with onions and tomatoes, satay lightning belonging to Mr. Nano also given slices of lemon in the sauce kecapnya. It makes sense to be more fresh satay. For lovers of spicy is perfect to eat at the stall Mr. Nano.

Besides satay, there are also other dishes such as tongseng, curry and satay klatak. Dishes in a simple stall is full of visitors every day. The visitors liked the spicy flavors and spices are felt in every dishes.

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